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"There's only one person on the planet that is responsible for taking our precious Megan from her family and friends."                                                                                                  

That person is Marc Mongan.

Here is the story about the senseless and tragic event:

On June 24th, 2016 a pontoon boat carrying four passengers were on the Rock River when they were struck by a speeding fishing boat. The boat raised up on top of the pontoon and struck Megan Swaziek directly, sending her into the river and killing her on impact.

The man driving the boat was intoxicated according to the DNR police and their reports. However, he refused a breathalyzer and blood alcohol test, and one was not issued. Because of this, Marc Mongan, the man who killed her, will not face any felony, and potentially any misdemeanor charges for his actions.

                                                                                                         Pictured above: Marc Mongan. 

This unfathomable tragedy has confused and been questioned by many people. To most, it seems as if an injustice has occurred within the Ogle County Court System.  The purpose of this website is to bring attention to this tragic occurrence to and bring it to the public eye.


Within this website, you will find documents with key facts from the accident reports and other significant information. Please voice your opinion, thoughts, and, hopefully, outrage on social media or by contacting us.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our fight. Every person who reads this brings us one step closer to justice for Megan.


"We will always love and miss you , Megan.
We will continue to fight on your behalf."


The grieving family and friends of Megan Marie Wells.

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