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Interview with Marc Mongan (Part 1/2) 
Per Officer Beltran the interview was started at 12:06 AM on 6/25 which is 3 Hours and 33 Minutes after the fatal boat crash 
Interview with Marc Mongan (Part 2/2)
Video is  rotated 90 Degrees and trying to correct
Interview with David Daily (Part 1/3)
(Driver of pontoon boat)
Interview with David Daily (Part 2/3)
Interview with David Daily (Part 3/3)
Interview with Nicholas Lamb
(other person in Mongan's boat,  Nick indicates that he and Mongan were tied up with friends Jennifer and Matthew Kirchner of Oregon and the Kirchner's made a drink and provided to Mongan.  There is no information that the Kirchner's were interviewed as to Mongan's condition prior to the crash?)
Interview with Louis Lipsey 1/2
(Lou was encouraged by Kenny Welty of Oregon Bait shop to come forward because.  the Welty family is sympathetic to the Mongan family since they are a local Oregon business.  There are many many inconstancies and untrue statements in these videos!  Lou indicates the Oregon Bait Shop owner told him that the pontoon boat went to shore leaving Megan in the water and then came back to look for her (Not True!). Also the vehicle type, physical description, etc. of the individuals Lou saw are inaccurate.  Lou indicates "Whatever she (Megan) has done wrong she will take to the grave with her.  Lou feels sorry for the gentleman in the fishing boat.  This has changed his life forever"  SIGNIFICANT QUESTION If this was shown to the Grand Jury without pointing out inaccuracies/untrue statements  this could certainly be misleading or influence the decision of  the Grand Jury.) 
Interview with Louis Lipsey 2/2
Bushre Statement 1/2
Bushre Statement 2/2
Lukes Statement
Wessling Interview 1/2
Wessling Interview 2/2
Fleming Kidd on Location
Fleming Kidd Statement
Pytel at Location Statement 1/2
Pytel at Location Statement 2/2
Pytel Statement
Thomas Waters Statement
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